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    Setting the pace in machining, sheet-metal fabrication, engineering, and contract manufacturing.
    Today's business environment allows no room for risk.  Success depends on maximum product quality, minimized cost, and streamlined development and manufacturing processes.  By providing those advantages, partnering with Moss Precision has, since 1968, helped businesses build and maintain an ever-critical competitive edge.  The tradition continues today, with Moss delivering the best in turn-key manufacturing services to companies engaged in, among others, the semiconductor, aerospace, defense, solar, and communications industries.

    Moss people, tools, and process make the money-saving difference
    In-depth knowledge. Experience. Responsiveness. Integrity.  These are the qualities that define Moss Precision personnel - from product and manufacturing engineers to machinists, sheet-metal workers, welders, assemblers and inspectors.  These human resources, part of a demonstrably stable and financially sound company, are backed by the latest equipment and the most stringent guidelines and procedures.  Coupled with the company's highly flexible, vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities, they enable Moss to offer its partners a reliable, single-source solution to virtually any related need, from R&D and prototyping to high-volume production and assembly.


    Put your next project on the fast, money-saving path
    A superior product.  Completed sooner and at lower cost.  Fast-tracked via a proven, streamlined process that, among other benefits, ends the expense and complexities of multiple-company involvements.  That's what makes Moss Precision the partner of choice for respected companies worldwide.  Whether your next project is a prototype component or fully integrated electro-mechanical module, you'll find the decision to partner with Moss a sound one.